CPR success Rates

CPR success: TV v Reality

The Emergency Law blog of Michael Eburn is something I recommend to all our Australian students as a great source of legal information for emergency care providers, even first aiders.

Like the problems often attributed to self diagnosis trends using “Dr Google” This article on CPR Success  is important as makes what i think is an important point about the artificial expectations that TV may create, and how those expectations could lead to feelings of guilt in the first aider and families etc, that not all was done that could have been.

He goes on to remind first aid instructors to communicate the reality of CPR success to their students, to ensure they make informed decisions and appropriate emotional responses and don’t rely on misinformation from TV.

Further he says that CPR training should give information on success rates so people can feel confident to have a go, that doing something is better than nothing and they should not have unrealistic expectations of CPR.

These are important points in managing an often traumatised aftermath in cardiac arrests for the general public,first aid responders and paramedics.

Our CPR course is 3 hours and we try to focus on these areas, not just the mechanics of a process.

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