Provide First Aid – Emergency Bandage

Why The World Needs More Paramedics Part 1

Thanks to all those people creating employment opportunities for Paramedics

The “Darwin Awards” pay tribute to the improvement of  the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it. In this series of posts we will look at some potential award winners.

It seems we all do stupid things sometimes, Paramedics get to see people when action becomes accident. You only have a limited amount of blood to loose.

Emergency Bandage in Serious Bleeding

Controlling bleeding via direct and indirect pressure is one of the most important things that people first on the scene can do do to give that person the best chance of survival until the ambulance arrives. Now is when you can provide first aid and it can make a big difference.

Come along and learn the “tricks of the trade” and how to manage bleeding with an emergency bandage  and treat hypovolemic shock.

10 items that should be in every first aid kit – the minimalist approach

The emergency bandage is one of the 10 items I believe should be in every first aid kit. It can be applied with one hand and was developed for military use. The emergency bandage is an elasticized bandage with a non-adhesive bandage pad . The bandage has a built-in pressure bar, that can be twisted to create pressure on the wound. A closure bar at the end of the bandage means that it clips into place and can be used to increase pressure if required.

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Our Utube channel video about the emergency bandage 

The Emergency Bandage